Overview of Fafrees Electric Bikes

Overview of Fafrees Electric Bikes

Fafrees offers a diverse collection of electric bicycles, designed for convenience, eco-friendliness, and style, catering to various riding preferences and needs. Below is a detailed overview of their offerings, including features and pricing.

Foldable and City E-bikes

  • Fafrees F20 Lasting: A foldable city e-bike priced at €959.00, perfect for urban commuting with its compact design .
  • Fafrees F28 Pro and F26 Pro: Both are city e-bikes equipped with APP control, priced at €1,159.00 and €1,099.00 respectively, blending technology with urban mobility .
  • Fafrees F20 Light: A city e-bike valued at €819.00, offering a lighter option for city riders .
  • Fafrees F1-38C: A road e-bike priced at €839.00, catering to those looking for speed and efficiency on paved roads .

Mountain E-bikes

  • Fafrees Hailong One: A 26-inch mountain e-bike, priced at €699.00, suitable for off-road adventures .
  • Fafrees F28 MT: A 27.5-inch mountain e-bike at €749.00, for enhanced off-road capabilities and comfort .

Fat-tire E-bikes

  • Fafrees F20 Mate: A fat-tire electric trike ranging from €2,249.00 to €2,518.00, offering stability and comfort .
  • Fafrees F20 Ultra: A robust electric ride priced at €1,999.00, designed for durability .
  • Fafrees F20 X-Max: A 30Ah triple suspension e-bike, originally €1,999.00, now at a discounted price of €1,799.00 .
  • Fafrees F20 Pro: Priced at €1,049.00, this fat-tire e-bike combines performance with rugged design .
  • Fafrees F20 Max: Features an ultra-large battery with Samsung Cell, priced between €1,299.00 and €1,499.00 .
  • Fafrees F20: A more affordable fat-tire e-bike at €949.00 .
  • Fafrees F20 Master: A carbon fiber fat-tire e-bike, reduced from €1,999.00 to €1,699.00 .
  • Fafrees FF20 Polar: A dual battery e-bike originally priced at €1,699.00, now available for €1,499.00. It boasts a 500W brushless motor, dual batteries for a 115km mileage, and 25km/h default speed. It’s designed for long rides with a payload capacity of 150kg .
  • Fafrees F26 CarbonX and F26 CarbonM: High-end carbon fiber fat-tire e-bikes priced at €2,999.00 and €3,149.00, respectively, for premium performance and design .

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Mid-Drive Motor E-bikes

  • Fafrees FM8 and FM9: Both are mid-drive motor e-bikes, priced at €1,799.00, designed for efficient power delivery and climbing capabilities .

Offers and Services

  • Fafrees provides up to 10% off on e-bikes and free gifts, along with free shipping in the EU and UK. They also offer installment payment options through Klarna in 18 countries .
  • The Fafrees FF20 Polar model specifically comes with free shipping, free gifts, a 1-year warranty, and the option to "Ride Now Pay Later." It features a quick fold design for easy transport and dual batteries for extended range, making it an excellent choice for adventure seekers .

For those looking to explore the urban landscape or venture off-road, Fafrees offers a comprehensive lineup of electric bikes to cater to various preferences and requirements.

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