An In-depth Review of the Ado Air Ebike: Unveiling the Ado Air 20

An In-depth Review of the Ado Air Ebike: Unveiling the Ado Air 20


The Ado Air 20 ebike emerges as a versatile lightweight folding electric bike, designed to meet the needs of city commuters and general urban riding with its advanced features like a torque sensor, carbon belt, and smart system . it caters to a wide range of urban cyclists, offering configurations that include hydraulic brakes and a robust Samsung battery, ensuring reliability and performance

With the inclusion of multiple languages and currencies, the ado air ebike broadens its accessibility and appeal across international markets, including Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, and Indonesia, supported by swift shipping times ranging from 2 to 7 days . The commitment to quality is underscored by comprehensive warranties and adherence to rigorous testing standards, making the Ado Air 20 a noteworthy contender in the folding electric bike niche .

Design and Build Quality

The Ado Air 20 ebike showcases a robust and sleek design, primarily constructed from lightweight aluminum, making it both durable and easy to handle. The frame's total weight, including the battery, is approximately 18.5 kg (42 lbs), supporting the bike's portability as it folds in half for convenient storage and transportation . Notably, the bike employs a unique seat-mounted battery that doubles as the seat post, enhancing the aesthetic appeal by keeping the design streamlined and reducing clutter .

Key Features and Build Aspects

  1. Frame and Portability: The aluminum frame not only contributes to the lightweight design but also ensures strength. The quick and easy folding mechanism allows the bike to be compacted swiftly, making it ideal for urban commuters who may need to carry the bike on public transport or store it in small spaces 
  2. Drive System and Performance: It operates on a single-speed drivetrain equipped with a maintenance-free carbon belt, which eliminates the need for regular lubrication unlike traditional chain drives . This is paired with a rear hub motor and a torque sensor that optimizes power delivery, making the ride smooth and responsive 
  3. Braking and Safety: The incorporation of hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors across the bike ensures reliable stopping power, crucial for city riding where quick stops are often necessary. This feature is particularly impressive given the bike's price point, where hydraulic brakes are not commonly found 

The design of the Ado Air 20 not only prioritizes functional elements like portability and ease of use but also focuses on aesthetic details. The bike includes integrated lighting powered by the main battery, enhancing safety with visibility. Additionally, the large color IPS display provides essential ride information at a glance, which is a significant advantage for riders keeping track of their performance and battery status . The overall build quality is further accentuated by well-finished components such as detailed cable connectors, a metal battery button with satisfying feedback, and protective seals on charging inputs 

Performance and Ride Experience

Key Performance Metrics

  1. Motor and Power Assistance: The Ado Air 20 features a 250W rear hub motor that provides up to five levels of assistance, enhancing the riding experience with a torque sensor for responsive power delivery . This setup ensures smooth acceleration and adequate power, especially in urban settings .
  2. Speed and Efficiency: With a throttle capability up to 19 mph and pedal assist up to 16 mph, the bike caters well to city commuting needs. However, it's noted that the throttle could feel underpowered when climbing hills, suggesting a potential area for improvement in power output 
  3. Range and Battery Performance: The bike offers a commendable range of 36.3 to 46.4 miles depending on the PAS setting used, which indicates good battery efficiency for longer commutes or leisure rides .

Maneuverability and Comfort

  • Ride Comfort: The Ado Air 20 is designed with 20-inch wheels that contribute to a more comfortable ride compared to bikes with smaller wheels, making it suitable for varied urban terrains 
  • Adjustability Features: It includes adjustable saddle and handlebar heights, providing customization to fit different rider sizes and preferences, which enhances overall ride comfort and control .

Stopping Power and Safety

  • The bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that ensure reliable stopping power with an average stopping distance of 7m a critical safety feature for urban environments where quick stops are often necessary 

Battery Life and Charging

Battery Specifications and Charging Details

The Ado Air 20 is equipped with a powerful Samsung 36V, 9.6 Ah (345.6 Wh) battery, which is cleverly integrated into the seatpost for both aesthetic appeal and security. This design choice not only enhances the bike's sleek look but also makes the battery easily removable for charging or to prevent theft 

Charging Time and Range

The battery supports a range of up to 100 km on a single charge under optimal conditions, though real-world factors like terrain, rider weight, and assistance level can reduce this to about 70 km . Charging the battery is straightforward, taking between 4 to 6 hours to reach full capacity with the included charger, which means riders can easily recharge overnight or during work hours for daily commuting 

Practical Implications for Users

For users, the combination of a high-capacity battery and efficient charging time means less downtime and more time on the road. The easy removal and installation of the battery also add a layer of convenience, especially for urban riders who might need to charge the battery indoors or carry the bike up flights of stairs . The robust build of the battery ensures that it can handle daily charges without a significant loss in efficiency over time, making the Ado Air 20 a reliable choice for regular commuting 


1. How fast can the ADO Air 20 e-bike go?
The ADO Air 20 e-bike can reach a maximum speed of approx.26 kph. It has a peak power output of 250W, making it fully compliant with UK and EU public road regulations.

2. What is the battery range of the ADO Air e-bike?
The ADO Air e-bike features a battery integrated into the seatpost, manufactured by Samsung with a 345Wh capacity. According to ADO, this allows the e-bike to cover a distance of up to 100 kilometers or approximately 62 miles on a single charge.

3. Is the ADO e-bike manufactured in China?
Yes, ADO e-bikes are produced by the Chinese brand A Dece Oasis, which translates to "Oasis in the Desert."

4. What is the maximum distance the ADO A20 can travel on a single charge?
The ADO A20 Air Folding E-bike has a maximum range capability of 62 miles per charge.

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