lankaleisi xc4000 review

LANKELEISI XC4000 review

The LANKELEISI XC4000 is a well-received electric mountain bike, with an impressive 81% of customers providing positive feedback out of 91 reviews collected from various websites. Here's a detailed review based on the collected user experiences and technical specifications:

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Frame: The bike uses a high-quality aluminum alloy frame, known for being light and strong, and resistant to rust .
  • Motor: It is equipped with a powerful 1000W brushless rear-drive high-speed motor .
  • Battery: The bike features a 48V 17.5Ah safe and removable lithium battery, offering a range of 50-60 kilometers on pure electric and 100-120 kilometers with power assist .
  • Speed: The XC4000 can reach a top speed of 38-45KM/H .
  • Load Capacity: It has a maximum load capacity of 400 lbs or 150 kg .
  • Tires: The bike comes with CHAOYANG 26X4.0 fat tires, which provide comfort and reduce vibration .
  • Brakes: It has mechanical disc brakes with front and rear 180mm disc rotors for reliable stopping power .
  • Transmission: The bike includes a Shimano 7-speed gear system, allowing for smooth transitions between gears .
  • Display: An LED smart meter displays crucial information such as speed, battery level, and distance .

Additional Considerations:

  • The bike arrives 80-90% pre-assembled, making it easy to set up and use upon delivery .
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty and a 15-day security guarantee .
  • The LANKELEISI XC4000 is designed with an ergonomic seat for comfort and has an enhanced impact resistance feature .
  • It boasts a compact size, making it a suitable choice for both off-road adventures and daily commuting .

Delivery :

  • Fast delivery is available within the EU and US, with delivery times ranging from 3-10 days .


The LANKELEISI XC4000 electric bike is highly praised by its users for its performance, build quality, and features. It is a versatile bike that can handle various terrains and conditions, making it a great choice for both off-road enthusiasts and daily commuters. With its strong motor, long-range battery, and comfortable design, the XC4000 stands out as a solid option in the electric fat tire bike category

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