Engwe Engine X Ebike Review

Engwe Engine X Ebike Review

The Engwe Engine X 250 folding commuter ebike stands out for its unique blend of features designed for both practicality and fun off-road adventures. Despite not being the top performer in the high-end ebike market, its affordability and versatility offer a compelling alternative for everyday commutes and beyond.

Key Features

  • Motor and Battery: It is equipped with a 250W brushless motor located in the rear hub and powered by a 624Wh swappable internal battery. This setup provides a pedal-assist speed limit of 25km/h through a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain .
  • Design and Build: The bike features 20-inch diameter paired-spoke alloy mag wheels and mini 20x4-inch fat bike tires, suitable for both on-road and off-road riding. Its 6061 aluminum frame incorporates a faux-bar full-suspension system, enhancing comfort without adjustable settings .
  • Practicality: Engine X excels in practicality with its folding mechanism, allowing for easy storage and transport. It also comes with basic mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors for stopping power .
  • Customization: The review mentions modifications like replacing the folding flat pedals with spiky MTB platform pedals for better grip and adding a medium Pelago Commuter front rack for balanced load hauling .

Performance and Use

  • Off-Road Capability: The reviewer admits to taking the Engwe Engine X off-road more than anticipated, praising the fat tires for their grip in snow and across various terrains .
  • Urban Commute: Engine X is deemed a viable alternative to car trips for short urban errands, like going to the grocery store or the train station. Its pedal-assisted transport mode and the option for a throttle-assisted transport highlight its versatility .
  • Battery Life and Range: A full battery charge offers around 55km of range with moderate pedal-assist, proving sufficient for daily needs and even some longer trips. Engwe also offers the option of purchasing a second battery for extended range .

Value and Sustainability

  • Affordability: Priced significantly lower than high-end ebikes, the Engwe Engine X offers a cost-effective solution for those looking to replace car trips with a more enjoyable two-wheeled alternative .
  • Sustainability: The reviewer highlights the eco-friendly aspect of recharging the bike with solar panels, emphasizing the potential for zero-emission transportation, despite not delving into the lifecycle analysis of the bike .


The Engwe Engine X 250 folding commuter ebike represents a unique proposition in the ebike market. Its combination of affordability, practical features, and the ability to handle both urban commutes and off-road adventures make it an attractive option for a wide range of users. While it may not boast the high-end specs or performance of more expensive models, its value proposition lies in its versatility and fun factor, making it a worthwhile consideration for those looking to make short trips more enjoyable or seeking an entry point into the world of ebikes

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