Engwe Engine X: Overview

Engwe Engine X: Overview

The Engwe Engine X is a folding commuter e-bike designed to offer versatility and functionality for urban transport, with some off-road capabilities. Below are the key features and aspects of this e-bike:

Key Specifications

  • Motor: 250W brushless rear hub motor .
  • Battery: 48V, 13AH lithium-ion battery, providing a range of around 50-55 km on a full charge .
  • Speed: Limited to a top speed of 25 km/h, making it street-legal in the EU .
  • Weight: Approximately 34 kg, which is relatively heavy for an e-bike .
  • Gearing: Shimano 7-speed drivetrain .

Design and Build

  • Frame: Made from 6061 aluminum, featuring a faux-bar full suspension .
  • Wheels: 20” diameter paired-spoke alloy mag wheels with 4” wide fat bike tires .
  • Folding Mechanism: The bike folds at the rear third of the top tube, with a pivot mechanism that helps reduce its size for storage or transport .
  • Suspension: 60mm of travel in the fork and about 80mm in the rear, though the suspension is non-adjustable and primarily serves to take the edge off rough terrain .


  • Brakes: Basic mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors .
  • Additional Components: Includes a wired-in headlight and taillight with a brake light function, aluminum fenders, and a solid rear rack capable of carrying a significant load .
  • Pedals: Folding flat pedals, which can be replaced with spiky MTB platform pedals for better grip .


  • Terrain Capability: Equipped with fat tires and full suspension, the bike can handle rough terrain, though the weight and simplistic motor system can affect its performance on challenging trails .
  • Comfort: The large tires allow for low pressure, enhancing comfort and grip, especially on off-road surfaces .
  • Handling: The bike's high ride position and weight can make handling tricky at slow speeds and during tight maneuvers .


  • Range: A full charge can cover around 50-55 km with moderate pedal-assist usage .
  • Charging: Takes about five hours to fully charge the battery .
  • Durability: The frame and components are designed for durability, able to withstand various terrains and weather conditions .

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both urban commuting and light off-road adventures .
  • Solid Construction: Robust frame and components ensure longevity .
  • Convenient Features: Folding design, integrated lights, and rear rack enhance practicality .


  • Weight: At 34 kg, the bike is quite heavy, which can affect maneuverability and ease of transport .
  • Motor System: The motor lacks finesse, with noticeable lag and an on/off feel rather than smooth power delivery .
  • Handling: High ride position and weight make slow-speed handling challenging .


The Engwe Engine X offers a mix of practicality and fun for commuters and casual riders who need a reliable e-bike for short trips and occasional off-road use. Its robust build and folding design make it a versatile choice, though its weight and motor performance may not suit everyone.

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