Expert Review of the Engwe M20

Expert Review of the Engwe M20

The Engwe M20 electric bike has garnered attention for its design, performance, and affordability. Below is a detailed expert review based on various sources.


  • Café Racer Style: The Engwe M20 features a café racer-style look, similar to the Super73 but at a more affordable price. The green aluminum frame with an offset mustard seat is particularly eye-catching .
  • Build Quality: The bike is made from lightweight aluminum alloy, although it is still heavy at 35 kg. The design includes robust components such as fat 20x4.0-inch tires that are puncture-resistant and provide a sturdy ride .
  • Assembly: The bike arrives partially assembled, but the instruction manual is lacking in clarity, making the assembly process more time-consuming .


  • Power and Speed: The M20 is powered by a peak 1000W motor, delivering impressive torque and a top speed of 45 km/h. However, it struggles on inclines steeper than 10 degrees, making it more suitable for urban environments .
  • Battery Life: With a dual battery option, the bike offers a substantial range. Each battery provides a range of 75 km, extending up to 150 km with both batteries in use .
  • Ride Comfort: Despite the powerful motor, the fixed-height seat and heavy weight make it less comfortable for long rides. The low seat position can also be off-putting, especially on rough terrains.

Pros and Cons


  • Great Long Range Capability: The dual battery setup ensures a long range, perfect for daily commutes or extended rides .
  • Affordable: Compared to other e-bikes with similar specs, the M20 is budget-friendly .
  • Dual Suspension: Provides a smoother ride over various terrains 1.


  • Heavy Weight: At 35 kg, the bike is cumbersome to move around and not ideal for those seeking a lightweight option .
  • Fixed-Height Seat: The non-adjustable seat can be uncomfortable, especially for taller riders .
  • Not Road Legal : This could be a significant drawback for buyers. Now they produce this model to meet the minimum legal requirement 


The Engwe M20 stands out with its stylish design, long-range capability, and affordability. However, its weight and fixed-height seat could be deal-breakers for some riders. Overall, it is a strong contender in the budget e-bike market, especially for those looking for an urban cruiser with a powerful motor.

Final Scorecard

Category Comment Score
Design Beautiful café racer-style e-bike 4.5/5
Performance Great power delivery and an abundance of torque 4/5
Battery Life 75 km range per battery and a 5-hour charge per battery 4/5

Buy it if:

  • You want a great-looking bike with a long range.
  • You are looking for an affordable e-bike with good specs.

Don't buy it if:

  • You need a lightweight bike.
  • You require high-end build quality.
  • You need an adjustable seat.
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