Indepedent opinion on GUNAI MX25

Indepedent opinion on GUNAI MX25

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The Gunai MX25 e-bike presents an appealing choice for enthusiasts looking for a blend of power, design, and versatility. Here is an in-depth review based on the information provided:


  • Attractive Design: The Gunai MX25 boasts a design that catches the eye, notably featuring impressive lights that might remind one of Batman's gadgets .
  • High Power: With a 1000W motor, the Gunai MX25 ensures a powerful ride, capable of going straight with significant force .
  • Versatile Control Unit: The bike's control unit offers a wide array of settings accessible through the display, providing customization options for acceleration, maximum speed, and more .
  • Comfortable Ride: Thanks to its suspension frame, the Gunai MX25 promises a comfortable riding experience, which is a significant advantage for longer journeys .
  • Battery Life: It is equipped with a large 25Ah battery which should, in theory, provide a long range, even without pedaling. This aspect makes it suitable for extended rides .


  • Control Unit Design Flaws: The control unit's design has been flagged as a potential issue, particularly its placement which can lead to short circuits if it comes into contact with the bike's aluminum casing .
  • Engine Size: For uphill rides, the current hub motor may struggle with heat dissipation. A larger engine or one with better heat management could enhance performance in these scenarios .

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  • Speed and Range: The MX25 is capable of reaching a top speed of 50 km/h, with a range of 70-75 km with assistance, making it an excellent option for thrill-seekers and those requiring a reliable mode of transport for longer distances
  • Riding Modes: It offers three driving modes: pedal mode, pedal assist mode, and electric mode, allowing for a customizable riding experience based on the user's needs
  • Durability and Safety: The bike's aluminum alloy frame ensures robustness and security, enhancing safety during rides
  • Intelligent LCD Meter: An intelligent LCD meter on the bike enables riders to monitor their riding data, contributing to a more informed and enjoyable riding experience .

Final Thoughts:

Despite its drawbacks, such as the poorly designed control unit and the engine’s performance on hills, the Gunai MX25 stands out for its power, design, and versatility. It is well-suited for flat terrains and lower hills, offering a high-performance option for e-bike enthusiasts. The bike's array of features and the long-lasting battery life make it a compelling choice for those looking to invest in a reliable and exciting electric off-road bike

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