Overview of Popular Models of Engwe Electric Bikes

Overview of Popular Models of Engwe Electric Bikes

Engwe is a Chinese e-bike company that offers a diverse range of affordable e-bikes catering to various needs, from folding bikes to fat tire off-road bikes and e-scooters. Below is an overview of their key models and features.

Key Models

Engwe X Series

  • Engwe X24 and X26
    • Tire Size: X24 features 24-inch tires while X26 comes with 26-inch tires.
    • Design: Both models are foldable and have a rugged yet technical design, making them suitable for off-road capabilities.
    • Performance: They feature a 1200W motor, triple suspension systems, and can reach up to 48 kph. The double 48v 19.2ah Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 100 km of range .
    • Price: Typically priced between 1,499€ and 1.899€.

Engwe Engine Pro

  • Features: Packed with features such as a 750W motor, full suspension, hydraulic brakes, and an energy recovery system. It also folds for easy storage.
  • Performance: Known for its power, speed, and fun ride; however, it is quite heavy at 38kg and not road legal in the UK due to its motor power 
  • Price: Around 1400€

Other Models

  • Engwe EP-2 Pro

    • Motor: 960W peak power.
    • Range: Over 80 kms.
    • Suspension: Front suspension 
    • Price: Around 900€
  • Engwe T14

    • Motor: 350W.
    • Battery: 48V 10AH.
    • Price: Around 500€.

...and many more meeting the budget and taste for everyone.

General Features

  • Performance Modes: Most models offer multiple performance modes (Eco, Normal, and Sport) with various power assist levels.
  • Display: Center display showing speed, mode, power assist, trip distance, max speed, and trip time .
  • Suspension: High-end models feature triple suspension systems for enhanced comfort .
  • Affordability: Engwe e-bikes are competitively priced, offering high-end features at reasonable prices .

Market Presence

Engwe has been around for almost a decade, gaining a significant foothold in the e-bike market, particularly in Europe and the United States. They have garnered positive feedback for their reliability and value for money .


Engwe provides a range of electric bikes that balance performance, design, and affordability. Whether for off-road adventures or city commuting, their models like the X24, X26, and Engine Pro offer versatile options for different riders' needs.

For more information, you can visit their official site

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