DUOTTS S26 Electric Bike Overview

DUOTTS S26 Electric Bike Overview



The DUOTTS S26 Electric Bike is designed for adventurers who seek both power and comfort in their rides. It combines state-of-the-art technology with robust design features, making it a solid choice for both off-road enthusiasts and daily commuters.

Key Features

  • Dual 750W Motors: Equipped with a powerful 750W motor on both the front and rear, the S26 offers a combined power of 1500W in dual-drive mode for enhanced speed and power .
  • Extended Range: Thanks to its 48V 20AH Samsung battery, the bike can cover a range of 100-120 km in assistance mode, making long rides more feasible .
  • High Load Capacity: With a maximum load capacity of 150 kg, it caters to a wide range of riders and cargo needs .
  • Speed and Comfort: The bike's top speed reaches up to 25 KM/H, and it features a full suspension system for smooth rides across various terrains .
  • Fat Tires for Off-Road: The 26*4.0-inch fat tires provide better stability and buoyancy, enhancing off-road capabilities .
  • Multi-functional Control Panel: Riders have control at their fingertips with an electric half-twist throttle, Shimano gearing, and a high-definition display screen .

Customer Feedback

  • Overall, the DUOTTS S26 has received positive reviews, with an 82% satisfaction rate from customers highlighting its performance and quality .
  • Customers appreciate the bike's power, especially for climbing hills, and its solid frame. However, some noted the bike's assembly could be a bit complicated but manageable with online tutorials .
  • The bike's design and comfort have also been highlighted as key selling points, making it a favorite for daily use .

Who Should Consider the DUOTTS S26?

The S26 is ideal for:

  • Weekend Warriors: For those who enjoy exploring off-road terrains and need a bike that can handle rough paths.
  • Commuters: Its extended range and comfortable ride make it suitable for daily commutes.
  • Taller Riders: With a high load capacity and sturdy design, it's well-suited for taller individuals who need a robust e-bike .


The DUOTTS S26 stands out for its powerful dual motors, extended range, and comfort-focused design. It's a versatile e-bike that promises both adventure and reliability for a wide range of riders. Whether you're tackling city streets or mountain trails, the S26 offers a compelling blend of performance and value.

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