Review of Engwe Engine Pro electric bike

Review of Engwe Engine Pro electric bike

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The Engwe Engine Pro Electric Bike is a high-performance, feature-rich folding e-bike that has attracted attention for its impressive specs and affordable price point. Despite its heavyweight and some legal limitations for road use in certain regions, it offers an excellent value proposition for those looking for an upgradeable, off-road-capable electric bike.

Key Features

  • Motor and Power: Equipped with a 750W motor, the Engwe Engine Pro delivers strong performance, especially given its folding design. The bike's power is complemented by a large 48V, 16Ah battery, promising up to 100 KM of assist on a single charge, although realistic expectations based on user experiences suggest a range of 40-70 km 
  • Design and Build: The bike features a robust design with full suspension, hydraulic brakes, and fat off-road tires, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride across various terrains. Its foldable nature makes it convenient for storage and transport, despite its significant weight of 38kg .
  • Braking System: Logan hydraulic disc brakes provide the stopping power, necessary for the bike's substantial weight and speed capabilities. These brakes, while not from a top-tier brand, have been found effective during test rides .
  • Energy Recovery: An innovative regenerative braking system, I-ERS, helps extend the battery's range by converting kinetic energy back into electrical power during freewheeling .
  • Upgradability: Nearly every component of the Engwe Engine Pro, from the suspension system to the drivetrain and tires, can be customized or upgraded, making it a versatile choice for enthusiasts .

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The Engwe Engine Pro offers a punchy ride experience, thanks to its powerful motor and responsive cadence sensor. The thumb throttle and cruise control function provide additional convenience, allowing for bursts of speed and effortless cruising. Despite its weight, the bike handles well, with stability and composure even in tight maneuvers, largely due to its effective hydraulic braking system .


While the Engwe Engine Pro excels in performance and features, it is not road legal in the UK due to its 750W motor, limiting its use to private land. Additionally, its heavy weight can make transportation and handling challenging . However, for those with access to suitable riding areas, it offers great enjoyment and utility, further enhanced by practical features like integrated lights, a horn, and a removable battery for easy charging .


The Engwe Engine Pro stands out as a feature-packed, powerful folding electric bike that offers excellent value for money. While its weight and legal restrictions for road use may pose limitations for some, its performance, comfort, and upgradability make it a compelling choice for off-road enthusiasts and those with the space to enjoy it. Whether it's for leisure riding or tackling challenging terrains, the Engwe Engine Pro is a robust and enjoyable e-bike that doesn't disappoint

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