Review on Engwe X Series electric bikes

Review on Engwe X Series electric bikes

Engwe X20

The ENGWE X20 is a folding electric fat bike equipped with 20" tires, a powerful 750W motor, and optional dual batteries. It has garnered mixed reviews from both experts and users, highlighting several strengths and weaknesses.

Key Features

  • Comfort and Suspension: The X20 is praised for its comfort over bumpy roads and trails, thanks to its triple shock suspension system 1. This makes it suitable for rides on various terrains.
  • Display and Lights: It features a bright AMOLED display that's easy to read, and automatic lights with brake activation for added safety 1.
  • Folding Capability: While the bike can be folded, making it easier to store, its bulk and weight make this feature somewhat impractical in real-world use .
  • Weight Capacity: The bike has a high weight capacity of 330 lbs, making it suitable for heavier riders .
  • Customization: Power settings in each pedal assist (PAS) level can be easily customized through the display .


  • Comfortable Ride: Testers note the bike is extremely comfortable on rough terrain .
  • High Weight Capacity: Can support riders up to 330 lbs .
  • Bright Display: The AMOLED display is easy to see in various lighting conditions .
  • Foldable Design: Despite its weight, the X20 can be folded for storage .


  • Heavy and Bulky: The bike is considered dangerously heavy for use in traffic and is cumbersome to lift or carry .
  • Poor Maneuverability: Instability at low speeds and poor maneuverability are major concerns .
  • Challenging Folding Mechanism: Folding the bike is difficult due to its size and weight .
  • Subpar Suspension Design: Some experts criticize the rear suspension for lacking compliance .
  • Safety Concerns: The lack of foot pegs and wheel guards makes the passenger seat unsafe .
  • Pedal Assist Issues: The pedal assist system is not well-tuned, making smooth and safe progress difficult .
  • Hill-Climbing Performance: The bike struggles to climb hills effectively .
  • Long Charging Times: The 2A charger results in lengthy charging times .
  • Cable Management: Poor cable management has been highlighted by some testers .
  • No Fenders: The bike does not come with fenders, which can be inconvenient in wet conditions .
  • Customer Service Issues: Users frequently complain about unreliable ENGWE products and poor customer service .

User Ratings

  • Amazon Ratings: The ENGWE X20 has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 21 global ratings, with 63% of reviews being 5 stars .
  • Positive Feedback: Users praise the bike for its power and stability .
  • Negative Feedback: Some users note the bike's speed does not meet their expectations and mention the need for frequent maintenance .


The ENGWE X20 offers a mix of impressive features and significant drawbacks. While it excels in comfort, display readability, and weight capacity, its heavy and cumbersome design, poor maneuverability, and safety concerns may deter potential buyers. The issues with customer service and product reliability further complicate its overall appeal.

Bottom Line

The ENGWE X20 is a well-equipped folding electric bike with notable comfort and customization options. However, its practical use is hindered by its weight and bulkiness, making it less ideal for urban commutes and traffic. Potential buyers should weigh these factors carefully before making a decision.

The Engwe X24 Fat Tire E-Bike is a robust and versatile electric bike designed with off-road capabilities and comfort in mind. It differentiates itself with a unique combination of features, design, and performance that caters to both adventurous riders and those looking for a reliable alternative mode of transportation.


Engwe X24

Design and Build Quality

  • Tires and Suspension: The Engwe X24 is equipped with 24-inch fat tires and boasts an aggressive suspension system. It features three suspension systems, including the front fork, rear swing arms, and seat tube, totaling five shocks. This setup provides a high-class comfort ride, especially on off-road trails, by effectively soaking up ruts and bumps .
  • Frame: The bike's aluminum alloy frame is noted for its robustness, being described as exceptionally strong and rugged. This strength is essential to support the dual battery system and the overall rugged design intended for off-road use .
  • Foldable Design: Like its counterparts in the Engwe X series, the X24 is foldable, enhancing its convenience for storage and transport .

Performance and Features

  • Motor and Speed: The X24 is powered by a 1,200-Watt peak high-speed brushless motor. It reaches a top speed of 29 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest electric bikes tested. However, it slightly falls short of breaking the 30 mph threshold .
  • Battery and Range: One of its standout features is the dual battery system, including a 19.2-amp hour battery and a 10-amp hour battery, which can be turned on or off with a simple button press. This system advertises a 62-mile range, although tests in 50-degree temperatures yielded about 50 miles on a full charge of both batteries. The dual batteries contribute to the bike's overall weight but provide an impressive range .
  • Weight: Weighing in at 96 pounds, the X24 is considered extremely heavy, which might make it challenging to maneuver or transport in smaller vehicles .

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely fast, making it ideal for those seeking speed and off-road capabilities.
  • Aggressive suspension system provides comfort and control on rough terrains.
  • Dual batteries offer a great range, suitable for longer rides or commutes.


  • The bike's considerable weight might be a drawback for some users, especially when lifting or transporting it .


The Engwe X24 stands out as a highly capable and rugged electric mountain bike, best suited for those who value performance and versatility. Its design caters to off-road adventures while also being a reliable option for daily commutes. However, potential buyers should consider the bike's weight and ensure it aligns with their usage needs and preferences. With a price point of $1,699, it offers significant value, especially when compared to similar models on the market, making it a compelling option for e-bike enthusiasts and adventurers alike


Engwe X26

The Engwe X26 Electric Bike is an embodiment of excessiveness in design and functionality, aimed at delivering an unparalleled riding experience. Here's a detailed breakdown of its features, performance, and overall value.

Design and Features

  • Triple Suspension System: The Engwe X26 stands out with its novel triple suspension design, incorporating a dual crown front suspension fork, a rear swingarm, and an additional swingarm formed from the lower chainstays. This results in a total of five shocks across three locations, ensuring an exceptionally smooth ride on varied terrains .
  • Massive Tires: Equipped with 26×4″ tires, the bike promises ultimate comfort and stability, making it suitable for both on-road commuting and off-road adventures .
  • Folding Capability: Despite being a bulky machine, the X26 offers a folding feature. However, given its size and weight, this attribute might be more of a novelty than a practicality for everyday use .


  • Modes and Power Assist: The Engwe X26 features three riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport, with power assist levels ranging from 1 to 5. This allows riders to tailor their experience according to the terrain and their energy level .
  • Double Battery System: The bike is powered by a 48v 19.2ah Lithium-Ion main battery, supplemented by a second battery in the top tube. This dual battery setup provides a remarkable range, ensuring that riders can enjoy long trips without frequent recharging .
  • Speed and Motor: With a 1,000W rear hub motor, the X26 quickly accelerates to its top speed. However, its capability to exceed 20 mph with throttle control might exclude it from Class 3 designation in some areas .

Practicality and Value

  • Weight and Handling: Weighing around 112 lbs, the X26 is a heavy bike. While this might detract from its off-road capabilities in technical terrains, it excels on the road, where its weight, combined with the suspension and fat tires, offers a motorcycle-like comfort .
  • Price: Priced at $1,899 (sale price from $1,999 MSRP), the X26 is considered fairly priced for its features. Comparatively, it offers significantly more battery capacity and suspension than other fat tire e-bikes in its price range, though some may find its design less appealing .

Criticisms and Comparisons

  • Some reviewers argue that the triple suspension is overkill and adds unnecessary weight and complexity to the bike .
  • When evaluating alternatives within the $1,800 price range, brands like Juiced, Aventon, Ride1Up, and Rad Power are often recommended for their balance of features and value .


The Engwe X26 electric bike is a feature-rich, heavy-duty option for those prioritizing performance and comfort over sleek design and light weight. Its unique triple suspension, massive tires, and robust motor make it a compelling choice for riders looking for an e-bike that blurs the lines between a traditional bicycle and a motorcycle. However, its weight and potential classification issues might limit its appeal to a specific subset of e-bike enthusiasts.


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