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For your convenience, we have incorporated many alternative, modern and secure payment methods, which you can choose to pay for your orders.

Online shopping with credit cards ,Paypal and Klarna ( worldwide payments)

We cooperate with Stripe International, one of the leading card processing companies, Paypal  and KLARNA ( pay in 3 instalments) 

By bank transfer  *

We also cooperate with one of the largest banks in Greece, Piraeus Bank and one of the largest online banking institutions such as Revolut to facilitate the payments of your orders through us by bank transfer. You just choose the product  you wish to buy and at checkout you select pay by bank transfer

Upon clearing of the funds, your order is placed as soon as possible to our collaborators indicated channels and the goods will be sent to you by them immediately upon availability.  


Piraeus Bank: GR10 01715780 006578151195401 BIC: PIRBGRAAXXX

Revolut: LT583250013379913633 BIC: REVOLT21XXX

Beneficiary: Dimitrios Kariotis (Modern Corner)

* before sending any funds you need to create an order through the regular ordering proccess and choose the option Bank Transfer at Checkout. .We will send you a new offer with the additional discount included. 


Klarna ( buy now pay later)

Pay in 3  is an alternative to traditional credit but without any interest, which allows you to split purchases into 3 payments. These payments will be automatically withdrawn from the debit/credit card every 30 days until the full order amount has been paid.

Payment through marketplaces 

In those markets we promote selected products to interested buyers. In some cases, these online platforms accept orders, retain the amount paid by the buyer and return it to us when the buyer receives the product, withholding their commission, thus safeguarding the interests of both counterparties.  

In all cases our company issues the necessary legal documents on the commissions earned on the promoted products.

We work with the largest markets in Greece and abroad, including Amazon, Ebay, Vendora .Facebook marketplace and few local marketplaces to promote those electromobility products

Canceled orders

In case of cancellation of your order, you may contact us  or directly the Seller.

More about their policy you can find in the following links:








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