Reliable review for ADO Beast 20F

Reliable review for ADO Beast 20F


Performance and Power

The ADO Beast F20 is described as a powerful electric bike with a 250W brushless motor that provides a fun riding experience . It features a torque sensor pedal assist, which adjusts the power output based on how hard you are pedaling, offering a more natural cycling experience . The bike is equipped with 7-speed Shimano gears and high-grip fat tires, allowing it to conquer steep hills and mountain terrain . With a monstrous 65nm of torque, the Beast can handle both roads and mountains with ease .

Design and Features

The ADO Beast F20 has a foldable design, making it convenient for storage and transport 10. It includes a large anti-glare screen for easy control of the bike's settings, including power assist mode, ride stats, remaining range, and light activation . The bike has a sturdy aluminum frame, providing good durability and quality . The front fork is equipped with shock absorbers, and the 20''*4.0 fat tires are designed to absorb a significant portion of bumps on the ground .

Battery Life and Range

The Beast F20 comes with a large capacity 14.5Ah battery, which can deliver a maximum range of 120km under ideal conditions . Real-world testing showed a range of approximately 50km on a fully charged battery at 5-8 Celsius and up to 70km at 15 Celsius using PAS 3 .

Suitability for Terrain

Off-Road Terrain: The bike's robust and stable driving experience on rough terrain is noted, though it may get quite dirty after use in muddy conditions . City Commuting: It provides an "easy rider" feeling under street conditions, with a buzzing noise from the fat tires adding to the fun . Long-Distance Touring: The bike's range and comfort make it suitable for long-distance rides, with the caveat that the actual range can vary based on various factors .

Additional Considerations

The bike's brakes might feel underpowered in wet and dirty conditions, requiring strong pulling . It is suitable for taller and heavier riders who can handle its size and weight . Regular maintenance is recommended, similar to any regular bicycle with gears . The bike's lights can be controlled via a mobile app or by pressing and holding the '+' button on the display .

Overall Impressions

The ADO Beast F20 has received positive reviews for its quality, value for money, and customer service . It has been rated highly for its build quality and torque, with many customers satisfied with their purchase . In conclusion, the ADO Beast F20 is a versatile electric bike that excels in various settings, from off-road adventures to daily commutes and long-distance tours. It offers a powerful and comfortable ride, although it may require strong braking in adverse conditions. With its foldable design and high-capacity battery, it is well-suited for riders looking for an e-bike that can take on all challenges.

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