ADO Air 28 Electric Bike Review

ADO Air 28 Electric Bike Review

ADO Air 28 Electric Bike Review

Build Quality

The ADO Air 28 boasts an aluminum alloy frame with a generous 10-year warranty, suggesting confidence in its build quality. The frame appears well-made without unsightly welds and offers a modern yet traditional step-through design . However, there have been minor issues with the finish quality on pre-production models, such as paint-filled thread holes and non-adjustable rack arms requiring manipulation to fit . Despite these niggles, the overall construction is praised for its clean look, including internally run cables and smart battery cabling .


Performance-wise, the ADO Air 28 is equipped with a smooth and responsive torque sensor and a Gates carbon belt drive, which requires minimal maintenance . The bike is relatively light for an e-bike, weighing around 21kg, which benefits handling and makes it more manageable for carrying . The motor is noted for its smooth power delivery, without the abrupt on/off sensation found in some other budget e-bikes . However, the bike does struggle on gradients steeper than 10% and has a limited gear range which might not be suitable for very hilly areas . The hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power in various conditions .

Value for Money

Priced at £1,299, the ADO Air 28 is considered a budget-conscious urban e-bike that doesn’t compromise on specifications or quality for the price 3. Compared to other belt-driven e-bikes like the Honbike Uni4 and the Tenways CGO800S, which are priced higher at £1,799 and £1,899 respectively, the ADO Air 28 offers good value for money .


With its Dutch-style upright positioning, the ADO Air 28 ensures a comfortable ride by shifting the rider’s weight onto the legs and hips, reducing pressure on the neck and back . The front suspension with lockout and preload adjustment control system allows for easy tweaks to suit different terrains, further enhancing comfort . The bike is also suitable for less tall riders, starting from 5ft2, and the step-through design is convenient for those who prefer or need to ride in a skirt or dress .

Comparisons with Other Electric Bikes

  • Honbike Uni4: More expensive and does not allow for battery removal .
  • Tenways CGO800S: Higher price point and belt-driven like the ADO Air 28 but offers a slightly different feature set .
  • Estarli e28.8: Another step-through design with traditional gears, priced higher but also offers a comprehensive package .


The ADO Air 28 is a well-rounded, budget-friendly e-bike that excels in urban commuting and leisure riding. It stands out for its combination of comfort, practicality, and performance, with the added benefits of minimal maintenance and a smooth motor. While there are some minor criticisms, such as the finish quality and limited gear range, these are small trade-offs considering the overall package offered at its price point. The ADO Air 28 is a commendable choice for those seeking a reliable, comfortable, and valuable e-bike for daily use.

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