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ADO AF20+ Electric Bike Review

The ADO AF20+ Electric Bike has been reviewed positively for its combination of features, practicality, and affordability. Here are the highlights based on the collected reviews:

Components and Build Quality:

  • The ADO AF20+ is appreciated for its impressive specs at a relatively low price point .
  • It features a single-speed belt-drive system for low maintenance and five levels of electric assistance from its 250W motor 
  • The bike includes a torque sensor, hydraulic brakes, and folds down to compact dimensions .

Safety and Security:

  • The hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, adding to the bike's safety value .
  • It comes with a CE certificate from DEKRA laboratory, ensuring it meets European safety standards .

Performance and Handling:

  • The ADO's own motor is powerful, activating assistance almost immediately, which is particularly beneficial when moving away from a standstill .
  • It's described as nimble when threading through tight spaces and stable at higher speeds .
  • The throttle performance for climbing hills was found to be underpowered, but pedal assistance was effective .

Comfort and Practicality:

  • Weighing in at 18kg, the ADO AF20+ is on the lighter end of folding electric bikes, making it easy to carry .
  • The folding mechanism is quick and simple, allowing for easy storage and transportation .
  • The firm saddle and simple grips are functional for short rides but may become uncomfortable over longer distances 

Overall Rating:

  • The bike has been rated highly across all criteria, making it a best-seller at Electroheads .
  • It's especially recommended for urban commuters due to its practical folding mechanism and ease of carrying .
  • Some users expressed a desire for the assistance to be proportional to pedaling rather than fixed .

Customer Feedback:

  • Customers have praised the bike for being well-built, sturdy, and perfect for their needs .
  • Some negative feedback includes the fixed assistance speed and the lack of proportional assistance to pedaling effort .

Additional Features:

  • The battery is cleverly concealed in its seat tube, contributing to a stylish look .
  • It has an eco mode for less battery use over long distances .

Conclusion: The ADO AF20+ Electric Bike stands out for its combination of affordability, practicality, and responsive performance. It is widely recommended by reviewers and customers alike, particularly for urban commuting. Some minor points of critique include the desire for proportional pedal assistance and a more comfortable saddle for extended rides. Overall, it is considered a solid choice for those looking for a lightweight, foldable e-bike.

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