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Engwe P20 ülikerge elektrijalgratas | EU Direct

Engwe P20 ülikerge elektrijalgratas | EU Direct

250W Silent Motor - 36V 9.6Ah Battery -Torque sensor - 10s Easily Fold - 18.5kg - Anti-theft Battery - Puncture proof Tires 20*1.95 - Autonomy 80 km

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Engwe P20 ülikerge elektrijalgratas on linnatranspordi uuenduste tipp. Sellel on tugev 250 W mootor, kauakestev Samsungi aku ja torkekindlad rehvid. Kogege võrratut jõudlust, töökindlust ja mugavust, mis on kohandatud nõudlikule kaasaegsele pendelrändajale.

Important notice

You should check the regulation of your country before you buy an electric bike or scooter and indend to move in public roads and bicycle lanes.

Please read carefully this guide

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Torque Sensor and Carbon Belt

Excellent pedal response and minimum maintanance

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Check the regulation of your country related to the circulation of electromobility products


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12 months limited warranty. More information in the link below:

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