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Welcome to the epedals.eu website terms of service. Please read through them carefully before placing your order. By using this website and/or placing an order, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. Also read our Privacy Policy regarding personal information provided by you.

This website is operated by epedals.eu. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to epedals.eu who offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here.


The name of our company is:  

Dimitrios Kariotis 'MODERN CORNER' and we are a sole propriatory company 

Our headquarters are located:   

Galinis 2, 16672 Vari, Greece  

The type of our business is:  

e-commerce company promoting  electromolility products on the website www.epedals.eu .Additionally those products are also presented on various electronic  platforms where orders in all above cases could be taken and forwared to the sellers to be executed.

The details of our company are:  

Business Name: Dimitrios Kariotis - Modern Corner  

International VAT No: EL054047471  

Business Registry Number: 158683501000  
GR: +30 2103003037  


Our company offers few alternative ways to order the carefully selected products that we promote and may interest you:   

1a.Our website

To order therough our online store www.epedals.eu . Select the products you are interested in by placing them in the Shopping Cart. Once you have completed your purchases, click on the Shopping Cart and complete your order by following the steps indicated.  


Many marketplaces indicatively (amazon, ebay) offer guaranteed assurance of receipt and quality of purchases. Our company presents selected products at these electronic points of sale. Those promoted products in such platforms do not differ from those presented in the other sales channels 

1c.Invoice ,Taxation ,Regulation

For all electromobility products and their accessories presented on our website as well as on marketplaces we are not resellers but promoters .In addition, we provide funds collection facilitation services on behalf of our partners if needed.

In all cases, legal documents for the sale of these goods are not issued by our company but by our partners .

Since we promote all products presented in our website and elsewhere ,we are earning commission on products sold and we issue all the legal documents deriving from such transactions.

Additionally, you understand that countries around the world where those products are presented by us have different regulations related to electromobility. For more information related to the products presented in this website you can refer to the collaborators web sites as well:  






We also provide the following outlined regulations on electromobility aiming to facilitate your decision on which product suits better your needs:


We also provide translation facilitation in many languages of your own interpretetion and further research.

You assume all liabilities and risks associated with the use of electromobiliy products as well as for any other regulatory risks assosiated with the purchase of electromobility products through this website .


For your convenience, we have incorporated many alternative, modern and secure payment methods, which you can choose to pay for your orders. In all cases .

2a)Directly to our collaborator (sellers) official website

You should visit the official websites of our collaborators and complete the purchase from there and type the name of our website epedals.eu on the comments of the order.

2b) Online shopping with credit cards ,Paypal and Klarna ( worldwide payments)

We cooperate with Stripe International, one of the leading card processing companies, Paypal  and KLARNA ( pay in 3 instalments) 

2c) By bank transfer (regardless of country)  

We also cooperate with one of the largest banks in Greece, Piraeus Bank and one of the largest online banking institutions such as Revolut to facilitate the payments of your orders through us by bank transfer. You just choose the product  you wish to buy and at checkout you select pay by bank transfer

Upon clearing of the funds, your order is placed as soon as possible to our collaborators indicated channels and the goods will be sent to you by them immediately upon availability.  

Piraeus Bank: GR10 01715780 006578151195401 BIC: PIRBGRAAXXX

Revolut: LT583250013379913633 BIC: REVOLT21XXX

Beneficiary: Dimitrios Kariotis (Modern Corner)

Klarna ( buy now pay later)

Pay in 3  is an alternative to traditional credit but without any interest, which allows you to split purchases into 3 payments. These payments will be automatically withdrawn from the debit/credit card every 30 days until the full order amount has been paid.

2d) Payment through marketplaces 

In those markets we promote selected products to interested buyers. In some cases, these online platforms accept orders, retain the amount paid by the buyer in our account with them and wire it to us when the buyer receives the product, withholding their commission, thus safeguarding the interests of both counterparties.  

In all cases our company issues the necessary legal documents on the commissions earned on the promoted products.

2e) Canceled orders

In case of cancellation of your order, you may contact us  or directly the Seller For informational purposes , if the product has not left the warehouse of the Seller then the amount is refunded to you by us or the seller within 1 working day.

In case the product has already left their warehouse , you need to wait for the product to arrive and to reject its receipt.Upon the product receipt in the  seller's warehouse the money is refunded in 1 working day

There is no shipping cost obligations for you in each of those cases.  

In the same way ,the cancellations and the refunds are performed for orders  placed through all marketplaces.  


Our company does not hold any stock of the electromobility produsts . All products are shipped directly from collaborators' warehouses over the globe matching the location of each individual buyer aiming the more efficient customer service.

In principal the delivery times are as follows:

3a) Stock exists in the warehouse

-up to 2 days proccessing time

-up to 7 working days delivery time to most locations and additional 2 working days in remote locations

3b) Preordering

-up to 2 days proccessing time

--up to 21 working days delivery time to most locations and additional 2 working days in remote locations


In case you do not like the product or you have changed your mind while you have already received it , any returns and consequently the refunds are governed by the policy of each individual collaborator, exactly like purchasing the product directly from them.

For more information refer to the following links:








In principal all the electromobility products are followed by warranty of 1 year and have lifetime support from all our collaborators

Ιnformation related to warranties of the products presented in our website you can find at the sellers websites :








 Website content  

OUR COMPANY presents selected products on the website www.epedals.eu and reserves the right to change the content of the website www.epedals.eu (hereinafter: the Website) at any time without notice.  

The control of the technical information provided and the suitability of the items ordered is the sole responsibility of the customer who uses the Website. 



The Customer declares that all the information provided by him during the use of the Website is accurate. The Customer undertakes the obligation to cover any damage from the use of this Website and the Customer's account by persons not authorized by the Customer.  

The user-customer is solely responsible for the evaluation and selection of products and services offered by the Website and www.epedals.eu does not bear any responsibility in relation to the correctness of the choice of the Customer - user.  


The COMPANY bears no responsibility for direct or indirect, positive or negative damage, which may arise from the lack of usability of the Website as well as from any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the Website or the transmission of information through the Internet.  

 In addition, we disclaim any liability for any damage that occurs immediately or indirectly, accidentally or consequently, or in any way related to access to or use of www.epedals.eu including, but not limited to, any loss or damage caused by viruses. that may affect your equipment (PC) or the validity of the information obtained through www.epedals.eu  

Ordering and Product Availability  

To place an order, select the product / products by searching for them in various ways from the search tool of our website and place them in the shopping cart.  

Finally, after filling in the order details such as your address and the relevant comments regarding the order, check and adapt your basket to the products that you are finally interested in ordering.    

The final stage is the payment of the price which includes any shipping costs  

You understand that for various reasons, the availability as presented  may not be sufficient to execute your order since we do not hold the stock. The final confirmation of availability is made during order processing by our collaborators.  

Regardsless of our efford to present the availability of stock of our collaborators as accurate as possible in this website ,in case the stock is not enough after receiving the relevant information from them, we will contact you the soonest possible and you will be offered alternative products or a full refund.    


All the products presented on our website are idended to facilitate your choice to select  products and are sold directly by third parties 

We are not responsible for checking and evaluating the content and accuracy of the information presented and we disclaim any responsibility for anything caused by the information on the websites and the goods and services of third parties presented on our website.  

You should carefully consider the products and services as well as the policies and practices of third parties before making any such order and transaction.  

Complaints, claims, questions about third party products and services should be addressed to them through us or directly to them. 


Sending your order means full acceptance of the Terms of Service as well as the Terms of Use  

The contracts are governed by Greek Law.    

The Courts of Athens are appointed competent for every dispute.