Duotts high quality electric bikes

DUOTTS Electric Bikes


DUOTTS is a prominent brand in the electric bike market, known for its high-performance and reliable e-bikes. Here are some key highlights and models:

Key Features

  • Powerful Motors: DUOTTS e-bikes are equipped with robust motors, typically 750W, capable of handling various terrains, including hilly areas.
  • Battery Life: Models often come with high-capacity batteries, such as the 20AH Samsung battery, providing extended range and dual drive capabilities .
  • Design and Comfort: DUOTTS bikes are praised for their design and comfort, making them ideal for daily commutes as well as recreational activities .

Popular Models

  1. DUOTTS C29

    • Specifications: Shimano 21 speed, 750W motor, 100Km range with speed sensor.
    • Price: Regular price €849.99, currently on sale for €819.99.
    • Customer Reviews: Highly rated for its power and ease of use. Users appreciate its solid frame and excellent engine performance .
  2. DUOTTS F26

    • Specifications: Dual 750W motors, 20AH Samsung battery, 120Km range, fat tires for extra stability.
    • Price: Regular price €1,449.99, currently on sale for €1,349.99.
    • Features: Available in various color options with or without suspension seatpost, making it versatile for different riding preferences .
  3. DUOTTS S26

    • Specifications: Dual 750W motors, 20AH Samsung battery, 120Km range, full suspension for a smoother ride.
    • Price: Regular price €1,499.99, currently on sale for €1,299.99.
    • Features: Ideal for both flat roads and rugged trails, thanks to its switchable single and dual drive modes .

Customer Reviews

  • A.B: Found the bike a bit complicated to assemble but praised its solid frame and powerful engine, especially suitable for heavy riders and mountainous areas .
  • Olivier Ben: Commended the bike for its design and comfort, using it daily for commuting and recommending it to others .
  • Damianos Antoniadis: Highlighted the bike’s perfection and affordability, as well as the quick and safe delivery .

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

DUOTTS is committed to sustainability, recognizing the importance of eco-friendly transportation solutions in combating climate change. Their e-bikes are an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying reliable and efficient transportation .


DUOTTS electric bikes are a great investment for those seeking a blend of power, design, and sustainability. With various models to choose from, there's something for every type of rider, whether for daily commuting or adventurous trips.

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