Shengmilo Electric bikes

Shengmilo Electric bikes

Review of Shengmilo Electric Bikes

Shengmilo electric bikes have garnered various user opinions, highlighting both their advantages and disadvantages. Below is a comprehensive review based on user experiences extracted from the provided web search results.

Positive Aspects

  • Enjoyable Riding Experience: Users have reported a generally enjoyable riding experience with Shengmilo electric bikes. One user specifically mentioned loving the bike and finding it quite fun after making some modifications, such as replacing mirrors and installing reflective lights .
  • Performance: According to a user, the bike performs well even after accumulating significant mileage, indicating that it can withstand long-term use .
  • Good for Exercise: Some users have found the bike suitable for exercise, using it several times a week and noting its ability to assist in weight loss and make hill climbs easier .
  • Customization and Upgrades: Users have mentioned the possibility of customizing settings like PAS (Pedal Assist System) levels and motor wattage to suit personal preferences or legal requirements .

Negative Aspects

  • Customer Service: Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with Shengmilo's customer service, noting a lack of response to inquiries and issues post-purchase .
  • Battery and Technical Issues: Complaints include the bike shutting down unexpectedly, discrepancies in advertised battery capacity, and failures in components like the gear shifter and motor . One user highlighted the bike's battery not being as advertised and experienced a significant cost to fix this issue while under warranty .
  • Maintenance: The necessity for regular maintenance, such as replacing brake pads and chains due to wear and tear, has been mentioned. However, this is somewhat expected given the mileage some users have achieved .
  • Potential Misleading Information: There are claims of misleading information regarding the bike's specifications, particularly about the battery's capacity and cell brand .

Mixed Feedback

  • Assembly and Shipping: While some users found assembly easy and delivery times reasonable , there have been issues with shipping, especially concerning tracking information and communication from the seller .


Shengmilo electric bikes appear to offer a mixed bag of experiences. They are praised for their enjoyable riding experience and the potential for customization. However, potential buyers should be wary of the customer service and the possibility of encountering technical issues. The discrepancy between advertised and actual product specifications, particularly regarding the battery, is a significant concern. As with any purchase, especially online and from international sellers, it's crucial to weigh these factors and proceed with caution.

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