A general view of GUNAI GN88

A general view of GUNAI GN88


Performance and Speed:

  • The GUNAI GN88 is equipped with dual 1000W motors, providing a combined power of 2000W which delivers exceptional speed and acceleration .
  • It can reach a maximum speed of 55km/h, allowing for rapid transit and the ability to tackle steep inclines of up to 35 degrees .
  • The bike's 21-speed gear system offers versatile riding options for different terrain and riding conditions .

Battery Life and Range:

  • The bike's 48V 22Ah lithium battery ensures long-lasting power for extended rides .
  • In pure electric mode, the GN88 has a range of approximately 70km, and this extends to about 130km in pedal-assist mode .
  • The single drive mode cuts the mileage in half, providing options for conserving battery life depending on the rider's needs .

Construction and Durability:

  • The GN88 features an aluminum alloy frame, which is both lightweight and durable .
  • It is designed to handle a maximum load of 150kg, accommodating a wide range of riders .
  • The bike is also fitted with large 26*4.0 inch tires, allowing it to smoothly navigate through various terrains including sand, snow, and mud .

Additional Features:

  • The GN88 has a suspension fork for a more comfortable ride on rough terrain .
  • It comes with hydraulic brakes for efficient and safe stopping power .
  • The bike includes a customizable LCD display for easy monitoring of speed, distance, and battery life .
  • Front and rear oil brakes provide smooth and safe braking .

Customer Feedback:

  • Reviews indicate customers are generally very satisfied with the bike's performance, citing its power and quality construction .
  • Some customers have reported issues with parts such as the cadran compteur, but also praise the responsive customer service for resolving such issues .

Context of Interest:

The GUNAI GN88 is suitable for personal use, especially for those seeking a powerful and fast e-bike for both commuting and trail riding. Its durable construction and ability to handle various terrains make it a good choice for adventure enthusiasts. It's also a considerable option for those comparing different e-bikes in terms of power, battery life, and versatility.

Please note that the context in which you are interested in the review, such as for personal use or comparison with other e-bikes, was not explicitly mentioned. Therefore, the review above is provided with a general perspective on the GUNAI GN88's features and capabilities. If you have a specific context in mind, please provide additional details for a more tailored response.

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