ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike review

ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike review

ADO A20+ Electric Bike Review

The ADO A20+ electric bike has been recognized for its advanced features and is considered a useful and affluent lightweight folding electric bike, suitable for different terrains and riders of various heights. Here's a comprehensive review based on the information gathered:

Design and Build

  • Frame: Made from aluminum alloy, the ADO A20+ is both lightweight and durable, with a net weight of 21 kg and a maximum payload capacity of 120 kg 1.
  • Foldability: It has a quick folding design for easy transportation, making it convenient to carry in your car trunk .
  • Color and Structure: It comes in a sleek black and white color scheme with a beautiful structure .


  • Motor: Equipped with a 350W brushless gear DC motor, the ADO A20+ can reach a top speed of 35 km/h when unlocked .
  • Battery: It features a 10.4Ah Li-ion battery, which offers a maximum mileage of 80 km and supports quick charging within 4-6 hours .
  • Modes of Operation: The bike offers three modes of operation, including pure electric, pedal-assist, and manual .
  • Speed and Range: The electric range is about 50 km, while the assisting range is about 80-100 km .
  • Transmission: It boasts a Shimano 7-speed transmission, allowing for a smooth riding experience .

Comfort and Safety

  • Shock Absorption: The bike has a front fork and saddle tube dual model shock absorber for a comfortable ride .
  • Tires: It comes with 20-inch rubber inflatable wheels that are suitable for various grounds .
  • Brakes: The ADO A20+ is equipped with front and rear double disc brakes for reliable stopping power .

Additional Features

  • LCD Display: An LCD on the handlebars provides essential biking information, including speed, battery level, and mileage .
  • USB Charging Port: A USB port and smartphone holder are available, allowing you to charge devices while riding .
  • Safety Management: The bike includes over-heating, short circuit, over-current, under-voltage, and over-charge protection .

Customer Experience

  • After-sales Support: ADO provides professional after-sales support and is known for being patient and helpful in resolving issues .
  • Warranty: ADO offers a 10-year warranty for the metal frame and a 1-year warranty for other parts, along with lifelong technical support .


  • Lightweight and portable due to its foldable design.
  • Higher motor power compared to many competitors.
  • Adjustable height and ergonomic design for rider comfort.
  • Enhanced safety features and reliable after-sales support.


  • Some users have reported the battery may require recharging sooner than expected .
  • The keyhole position under the frame for the power/battery lock can be fiddly .


The ADO A20+ is highly recommended for its combination of performance, comfort, and convenience. It stands out with its powerful motor, impressive speed, and additional practical features. With a competitive price point and robust after-sales services, the ADO A20+ offers exceptional value for those venturing into the world of e-bikes .

Note: Performance metrics such as range and speed may vary based on rider weight, terrain, and other riding conditions

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