An overview of GUNAI GN29

An overview of GUNAI GN29

Performance and Speed

  • High-Performance Electric Motor: The GUNAI GN29 is equipped with a 750W brushless motor that delivers a robust 50NM of torque. This motor allows for exceptional acceleration and is capable of reaching an exciting top speed of 50 km/h.

Battery and Range

  • Long-lasting Battery with Extended Range: The bike is powered by a 48V 15Ah battery. In pure electric mode, it offers a range of approximately 50 kilometers, and with pedal assistance, the range extends to an impressive 90 kilometers 

Build Quality and Design

  • Stable Frame and Advanced Suspension/Brakes: The GN29 features a 29-inch aluminum frame that ensures durability and stability. It is designed to be suitable for riders of different sizes with its single frame size. The front suspension fork provides a smooth and comfortable ride across various surfaces, and the bike is equipped with disc brakes for efficient braking 
  • Versatile Transmission: It comes with a 21-speed gear system, which offers a versatile range to adapt to different terrains and riding styles .

Additional Features

  • Fast Charging: The bike includes a 54.6V 2A charger for relatively fast charging, taking about 6-7 hours to charge fully .
  • Design and Comfort: The GN29 is described as fashionable and reliable, making it a suitable choice for both town commuting and nature rides. It is praised for its stylish design and comfortable seating .

Customer Feedback

  • Customers have reported the bike to be lightweight, stylish, with a multifunctional display, well-functioning gears, comfortable seating, and a battery that lasts well. Overall, customers seem very satisfied, giving it full five-star ratings .

    Customer Service and Warranty

    • GUNAI offers professional customer service with quick responses to queries. The bike comes with a 1-year warranty for the frame and a 6-month warranty for the motor, battery, controller, and LCD screen .

    In summary, the GUNAI GN29 electric bike is a high-performance, well-built e-bike that offers a good balance of speed, range, and comfort. It is designed to handle various terrains and comes with a reliable battery and fast charging capabilities. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the bike's quality and the company's customer service.

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