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Shengmilo S600 Off-Road Dual Motor electric bike

Shengmilo S600 Off-Road Dual Motor electric bike

2000W Brushless Motor: Dual 1000W motors (2* 80NM torque) - 48V 17.5Ah Samsung Battery (120 km Autonomy on PAS 2) - 26 *3 Inch Wide Mountain Tires - 36.5 net weight

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The Shengmilo S600 electric bike, equipped with a dual-drive motor system, delivers impressive power and versatility. Moreover, its unique feature allows  making exploration effortless. You can switch between 2 motors and with its Samsung 17,5 Ah battery and the dual suspension system you will enjoy long trips on your On and Off road adventures

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  • Dual Motor for enhanced power

    The Shengmilo S600 has dual 1000W motors with 160 Nm torque manages 40° angle slopes

  • 48V 17.5 Ah Samsung Battery

    Featuring a durable 48V 17.5 Ah Samsung battery, the Shengmilo S600 's 840 Wh capacity enhances travel distance OF 40-50 km in pure electric mode and 80-90 km on pedal assist mode.

  • Dual Disc Brakes

    Front And Rear Wheels Are Equipped With Mechanical Disc Brakes. The Brake System Has The Function Of Cutting Off The Motor Power, When You Hold The Brake Lever

  • Double Shoulder Front Fork and DNM Rear Shock Absorber

    What the S600 is proud of is that it uses the famous DNM brand rear shock absorber and a double-shoulder front fork with excellent shock absorption. Shengmilo S600 full suspension e-bike offer a comfortable ride, improved control on different terrains, versatility for various activities, enhanced safety with reduced impact, and better performance with electric assistance.

  • Smart color LCD

    With a 3.5-inch color smart screen, the Shengmilo S600 provides an easy-to-read display showing total mileage, battery level, speed, and gears 1-5.

  • Strong Motocycle type LED headlight

    The S600 Is Equipped With Motorcycle High - Brightness Headlights. Improve The Visibility And Aesthetics

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