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DrVetion BT20 750W sähköpyörä

DrVetion BT20 750W sähköpyörä

Hydraulic Brakes - Unique 20-inch 4.0 wide tire with spok shock vents - 750W upgraded Strong motor48v 10Ah (Samsung battery) - Cruise Control - 10 seconds fast folding - Yolin Color LCD - Turn lights

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DrVetion BT20 on maaston sähköpyörä, joka on suunniteltu sekä maasto seikkailuihin että kaupunkien työmatkoihin. Siinä on tehokas moottori, kestävä akku, ja erilaisia ominaisuuksia, joiden tarkoituksena on tarjota sileä ja mukava matka.

Important notice

You should check the regulation of your country before you buy an electric bike or scooter and indend to move in public roads and bicycle lanes.

Please read carefully this guide

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BT20 Overview

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-Even lower prices using promo codes for electromobility products

-Excellent before and after sales support

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Consider the regulation of your country related to the circulation of electromobility products


-Order proccesing up to 2 days

-EU Countries up to 7 working days

-UK up to 10 working days

-USA up to 7 working days

-Cyprus approximatelly 21 days


3-12 months depending on the component. More information in the link below:

shengmilo electic bikes warranty

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