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Duotts ​​C29 Trekking elcykel | EU direkt

Duotts ​​C29 Trekking elcykel | EU direkt


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Duotts ​​C29 750W pendlarebike har ett elegant 15 AH batteri för långvarig uthållighet på en enda laddning. . Med SHIMANOs 21-växlade växelsystem kan du hitta det perfekta körläget för vilken terräng som helst, vilket säkerställer optimal komfort och hastighet under hela din resa. Denna lätta elcykel har 29*2,1 tum uppblåsbara däck, som erbjuder exceptionell dragkraft och stabilitet oavsett om du pendlar dagligen eller ger dig ut på helgäventyr. Duotts ​​C29 är ditt ultimata val för pålitlighet och prestanda.

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You should check the regulation of your country before you buy an electric bike or scooter and indend to move in public roads and bicycle lanes.

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C29 overview

  • Featuring a 750W brushless motor with 65Nm torque, this cutting-edge engine not only delivers immense power but also boasts peak efficiency, seamlessly blending speed with silent operation. Conquer uphill climbs, heavy loads, or the need for higher speeds with ease

  • Featuring a Shimano 21-speed gear system and a rear derailleur protector, the C29 ensures a smooth and reliable ride.

  • The C29 offers three riding modes: regular cycling, pedal-assist, and pure electric. With a 15AH battery, it supports pedal-assist mode for 80-100 km and pure electric mode for 50-60 km. Its headlights illuminate the way forward, while its lightweight all-aluminum shock-absorbing front fork ensures a safer and more comfortable ride

  • C29's control panel features Shimano 21-speed gears, front and rear disc brakes, an electric half-handle throttle, a headlight switch, a horn button, and a 5-speed multifunction display

  • C29 is equipped with 29*2.1 INFLATABLE TIRES, unlike traditional rubber tires, inflatable tires allow riders to adjust air pressure according to riding conditions

  • The C29 also features a rear cargo rack for added convenience and practicality, while its integrated tail light enhances visibility and safety during night rides

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